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Andy Varbel's Home Page

English 1A Mission College
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English 1B Mission College
EWRT 1A De Anza
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LART 211 De Anza College
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EWRT 1B Honors De Anza

Professor Andy Varbel
408-864-8999 Ext. 3509
NOTE:  Please scroll down this page to see
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MISSION COLLEGE WRITING CENTER:  If you would like help with your assignments or writing skills in general, then I highly recommend enrolling in English 900, a 1/2 unit course that will allow you to make use of the Writing Center in the LATC. 
DE ANZA COLLEGE WRITING AND READING CENTER:  The De Anza Writing and Reading Center is located on the second floor of the Advanced Technology Center.  Teachers and tutors are available to help you with your essays.  The WRC also brings in a series of acclaimed and exciting authors who read and discuss their work.  Finally, the WRC hosts occasional Instructor workshops to help you with aspects of writing.

Helpful Links:

Overview of Neruda's life

Neruda "Leaning Into The Afternoons"

Neruda "Tonight I Can Write the Saddest Lines"

Neruda "I Like for You To Be Still"

Neruda "I Don't Love You as If You Were a Rose"

Neruda "Full Woman, Carnal Apple"

Neruda "I'm Explaining a Few Things"

Neruda "The United Fruit Company"

"Those Winter Sundays"

"Two Kinds" Amy Tan

"Everyday Use" Alice Walker

"Sonny's Blues"

"The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and Me"


"Two Ways to Belong in America"

"Persimmons" Li-Young Lee

Avoiding Plagiarism

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De Anza Writing and Reading Center

De Anza Tutorial and Skills Center

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English Vocabulary Links

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MLA Guidelines

Mission College Library

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All Stages of the Writing Process (Purdue University Online Writing Lab)

Noodlebib MLA Documentation

Great Books Online--For Free

"My Papa's Waltz"

"Barbie Doll"

Ethos, Pathos, and Logos

Neruda "Ode to My Socks"

Neruda "Ode to a Chestnut on the Ground"

Neruda "Ode to a Lemon"


"The Yellow Wallpaper"

"Let America Be America Again"

"I Stand Here Ironing"

"The Lottery"